3D Instructions - Taco Truck

How to fold your Taco Truck

Here are the instructions to fold your 3D Taco Truck. This is only a recommendation as you can find other ways to turn your patch 3D! If you find a better way - please let us know, if it easily replicated to the masses, you may win some free stuff!

I will refer to 2 parts of the vehicle - profile (the side view) and the middle (the part between the two profiles).

Listed are two ways of making your patch 3D

Non permanent: 

Step 1: Un-package your new 3D morale patch (Ivan shown here)


Step 2: Remove the circle loop backing (can keep the rectangles on)

Step 3: Bend at lines in the direction that will match the contour of the profile of the truck 

You will really want to work these bends since it is a thick patch not a piece of paper. Don't be afraid to bend it all the way over on itself. The hook backing may bubble underneath - however, it is sewn on so you do not have to worry about it coming off! The more your bend it, the easier it will be later on. Over time it will work it will become more pliable - just keep working at it! The small front grill portion is very important to bend a lot since it is thick in a small area.

Don't worry, you can always flatten it out later by pressing it flat against a surface and bending the seams the opposite way!


Step 4: Start forming your vehicle

Bend the profiles in towards each other. Work one at a time. Attach the rectangle loops on the front and back to the profiles

Step 5: Place circle loop


Place the circle loop behind where the windshield is. Press it in place while forming the hood bends




You can add or remove various other strips of loop of your own to get it just right. Can use it to pull wheels, windshield, tailgate, etc. in more. Remember just to keep working at it. I have it on my desk and just work at it whenever I am bored. Patches weren't designed to be folded but we are getting there!

Permanent (Jeep shown):

Step 1: Follow steps 1-3 above

Step 2: Hot glue the f@%k out of it

Only use hot glue as it is the best to work with. Do one side and section at a time. I glued the front grill to the profile then worked my way back by pressing and gluing. 


Final notes:

There are many ways to fold your patch from non permanent to permanent. I have 2 personally - one that is glued and one that I can turn back flat again. The permanent one will stick to my headliner but the first bump it will fall off. So use your discretion with what you want to do with yours! There are pros and cons to each way. Just remember it is a patch and not a thin piece of paper. With each new vehicle we will work at it until we reach perfection! Thank you for your support with this new venture!