Wildland Studio unofficially started in 2017 when the first Tacoma Daniels patch was created and released on an online truck forum. At the time of release, I needed a name to put in the envelopes with the card. Well, I came up with Catfish Creations (being a fish biologist I thought it was fitting). Of course after all of those were sent out I thought of a more fitting name (based off my forum name and what designs I wanted to encompass) - Wildland Studio. So Wildland Studio was born after the drop of Tacoma Daniels.


Wildland Studio is a creator of designs off all things we all enjoy. From hunting and fishing to drinking a nice cold one to off-roading. Our designs are illustrated in house by me! Not commissioned, not bought, just plain old hard work. Thank you for supporting Wildland Studio!



When Wildland Studio first started we had no idea how big we were going to get. We started off with all plastic bags with photo printed art cards for the few designs we had. Once we started to grow and started producing more designs we knew we would have to change something with our packaging. Plastic and mail packaging is reeking havoc on the environment and it is something I care about strongly here. I then started using biodegradable bags (the bags with the green lines). These bags will degrade in 5-7 years under right conditions and the photo printed art card may or may not be recyclable. However, that still wasn't enough for us. We then switched to all paper. Paper bag, paper card, and paper envelopes. The decision to go from color to paper was tough, but ultimately we decided that it was the best for the earth.

Also, the tape used on packaging is cellophane tape - biodegradable as well, the paper mailers can be recycled, and the foam is re-used. Depending on your area, you may have to cut the label off the mailer for it to be truly recyclable - I hope you take the minute or so to do that simple step.


Packaging timeline:

Plastic bags: Beginning - April 2018

Paper bags: May 2018 - March 2019

Tear Away Kraft: April 2019- Present



Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to be processed before shipment. This is not a full time business. However, most orders do ship out the following day!

Stamped shipping is not eligible for a replacement if your patch does not arrive.




Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to be processed before shipment. Apparel is made on demand by a 3rd party and will ship separately from any other category you purchase from.


If you have questions or concerns about your order, upcoming designs, or anything else please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for shopping at Wildland Studio