Logos and Branding

Hello! You must be interested in a commissioned logo or branding. Logos and branding are one of the most essential part of your company. They give a visual representation of who you are and what you do.
Below you will find 3 logo packages I offer, prices, details, and examples of each. My low prices reflect that lead times may be a tad longer than other full time designers. Quality will not be sacrificed though!
I hope to be of service to your ideas!


Add ons:

1 Pattern - $600

Icons - up to $200 each

Shirt/poster illustration - $1000

Business card design (front and back) - $500

Other - Custom quote!


Discovery - This beginning step allows me to understand the background, vision, and audience of your company. From key aspects that should be included in the logo to certain colors, this step helps us get connected. Email is preferred since I work at oddball times but would love to chat over phone if oddball times are okay with you! I will be in contact with you throughout the process.

Logo design - You will have up to 3 rough sketch concepts to choose from and 4 rounds of revisions for your chosen concept to get your final logo. This primary logo is your main go to logo for websites, shirts, etc.

Logo versions - Full color, black, and white logos.

Color palette - I will come up with a color palette for your brand and supply you with Hex, CYMK, and RGB codes for any applications.

Logo files - You will receive .AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, Jpeg, and PNG with transparent background files for any and all applications.

Alternative and submark logo - Alternative logo (secondary logo) is your main logo arranged differently for certain applications. Submark logo (watermark) is the simplest version of your logo and great for small areas, social media profiles, etc.

Style guide - PDF sheet with all the elements of your logo to easily see your brand. Will include all elements that you purchased.

Icons - Icons are circle images that relate to your brand that can be used for website icons, story highlights for social media, etc.

Pattern - Pattern made of graphic elements of your logo and brand. Patterns are great for packaging, backgrounds, buisness cards, etc.

Typography/font - Fonts used to keep cohesiveness with your brand and match your logo.



-Files only 
*B/W logo versions not shown in style guide
*B/W logo versions not shown in style guide